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We’re conscious of the responsibilities we owe to the environments we travel to, that’s why we are focussing on transforming the way we use materials on board and onshore. 
As eight of the top ten rivers contributing to ocean plastics are based in Asia, we feel the need to ensure our journeys do not add to an already enormous problem. With that in mind, we no longer use plastic water bottles and have replaced our plastic straws with paper ones.

In an effort to further reduce our waste, we partner with and fund local programs who collect and recycle leftover plastic. Since it began, we have funded the cost of two projects in Southeast Asia; the provision of clean running water to the Chiro Community in Kampong Cham in Cambodia, and the construction of new sanitation blocks in Yandabo Village in Myanmar. Ultimately, this helps to lessen our environmental footprint, and ensures that the beauty, heritage and customs of the regions we travel to are protected for future generations to enjoy.

Explore the other ways we’re going green and transforming the way we travel below.

Supporting clean water initiatives

You will be provided with a Scenic refillable water bottle, which can be refilled at special filtered water stations, therefore eliminating any need for leftover plastic.
The water is UV treated, reverse osmosis treated, and carbon filtered to meet international standards and you can even opt to have it infused with a flavour.

Your bottle will be refilled and ready to go in time for each shore excursion. Upon returning, you’ll have the option to drop it off to be cleaned, refilled and returned to your suite, or we’ll have it waiting in time for the next outing.

Caring for the community

We partner with and fund local programs that collect and recycle plastic waste, reducing rubbish and providing employment and income to local villages.

One of such partnerships is with the Reuse Everything Institute, a US-based non-profit organisation dedicated to discovering new ways of using resources and technology for better ecological management. With our help, their mission is to reuse waste in ways that help local economies while improving the environment. REII collect left over plastic and convert it into more ecological resources, using their patented Radical Reuse Machine (RRM).

Our aim is to encourage guests to purchase a refillable bottle, made using recycled plastics collected by local employees and created using the RRM. All proceeds will go direct to the organisation and guests will receive updates from those benefiting from their donations.

Watch our video of Phil Jordan, General Manager of Scenic, and REII founders VanAnh Le & David Saiia, talk about REII and upcoming activities in Vietnam.


Pioneering ships for responsible travel

We’re very proud of our ships, that’s why we've copyrighted their design.
Built by our own engineers, we’ve gone above-and-beyond to exceed the regulatory requirements of the region, ensuring both Scenic Spirit and Scenic Aura boast a range of unique features that not  only consider your well-being, but the environment we’re  sailing through too.

From the pre-treated fresh air being pumped throughout the vessel, to the double-bottom hull which provides extra protection from underwater damage and the fitted bow thrusters,  providing extra assistance to the captain while docking. Three fire zones with automatic fire-fighting sprinkler systems have been installed in the event of a fire, while marine panelling throughout the ship provide excellent protection as well as acting as an effective sound proofing method.

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